The Wireless Interactive Systems and Networks
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About us

"VEK-21" Ltd. is a small innovative russian company. It was founded in early 2009.

The company's main objective is to develop new solutions in the IT-field. Most of our current projects are based on results of a long-term scientific research. The specialists of "VEK-21" Ltd have many years of combined experience in the following areas: computer systems and networks, wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, virtual reality and motion capture, mobile applications development, smart home solutions, development of industrial applications. Our company employs a number of highly skilled software engineers who are ready to develop software of almost any level of complexity.

"VEK-21" Ltd. is based on Wireless sensor networks lab "WiSeNetLab" which was founded on the basis of one of the Moscow university's.

VEK-21 is working in close cooperation with NXP Semiconductors in the area of Low Power RF Solutions. Within a framework of this cooperation VEK-21 represents the accredited Educational center for microelectronics

We are interested in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners.


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