The Wireless Interactive Systems and Networks
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About us

 "VEK-21" Ltd. is a small innovative russian company. It was founded in early 2009 by two postgraduate students of the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MSIEM).   

   The company's main objective is to develop new solutions in the IT-field. Most of our current projects are based on the results of a long-term scientific research done by our personnel at MSIEM. The specialists of "VEK-21" Ltd have many years of combined experience in the following areas: computer systems and networks, wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, virtual reality and motion capture systems. Our company employs a number of highly skilled software engineers who are ready to develop software of almost any level of complexity.   

   "VEK-21" Ltd. is based on Wireless sensor networks lab "WiSeNetLab" of the Department of computer systems and networks at Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics.

   Our company is interested in cooperation with both Russian and foreign companies.



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